SOLAR batteries


Lihium Ion is by far the cleanest and safest storage technology on the market today. enerSol Lithium battery modules are built to outperform our competitors by offering deeper discharge capacity, longer design life and a feature packed intelligent BMS, able to communicate flawlessly via CAN-BUS or RS485 with virtually any inverter on the market.

Lithium 51-100

442mm x 431mm x 177mm

Lithium 51-200

442mm x 550mm x 244mm
Solar batteries


Lead Carbon technology is a game changer in the industry is it is perfectly suitable to retrofit or replace any standard 12V AGM battery, whilst offering up to 8800cycles @ 20% DoD. Our Carbon batteries offer a safe discharge of up to 80%. Carbon batteries are specifically designed for cycling, ideal for commercial and off grid pv installations.

Carbon 12-100

408mm x 177mm x 225mm

Carbon 12-200

522mm x 268mm x 226mm
Solar batteries


Tried and tested AGM technology for floating applications. Provides backup when you need it most. Robust design, outperforms and outlasts any competitor in the industry. ideal for hybrid PV installations or UPS systems

AGM G+ 12-100Ah

330mm x 173mm x 212mm

AGM G+ 12-200Ah

522mm x 240mm x 218mm
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enerSol is a long established and reputable manufacturer of premium-quality, cost efficient  solar batteries. We produce and develop specifically for the African market, giving your clients an added advantage.

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